So what is it, this last great adventure, well its two people and a Land Rover Discovery traveling overland to get from one home in Spain to another in South Africa. The idea was not to use the easy route supplied courtesy of Boeing or Airbus.The departure date was the end of April 1999 and the trip took approximately four months. These pages will take you though the agony of the paper chase and are used as a "moving" diary which we updated when we could on the road. The first stage saw the days being dedicated to the time consuming, and often frustrating, planning. We have also added the diaries we took on the trip for an even deeper insight than the en-route updates.



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Pre trip

So much to do, so little time

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400kg of stuff!

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The way South

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Renée's Diary

Here is what Renée thought

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Scott's Diary

The thoughts of Scott

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Pictorial journey

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