Kenya Photos 

Kenya, well known with many famous parks, which unfortunately due to the political situation we did not visit. The last hurdle really in crossing Africa on the North to South route. 

Ronald and Renee at Marsebit Renee and Ronald at the Marsabit National Park campsite. From Moyale to Marsabit it is 250km of hellish road allowing an average of 25km per hour. It travels across volcanic plains and Marsabit sits like an island oasis high above them.
The roads cross a flat country side and are in all weather conditions just plain hell. In the dry they are rocky and very very bumpy, in the rain they are a quagmire. We lost a shock absorber on this road, luckily we had two to each wheel. The road from Ethiopia to Isiolo
Tar road - my god!!!! Another 250km of bad roads takes you to Isiolo, this is where the tar road starts and can be followed (in not too bad a condition) all the way to Cape Town. Does Renee look happy? She is ecstatic believe me.
Just out of Isiolo you get great views of Mount Kenya (5199m), one of the volcanic cones that stand many thousands of meters above the plains - Kilimanjaro is a a few hundred km South and is the highest peak in Africa -  5895m Mount Kenya
The "middle"of the earth. - equator !!! It seems a long time ago since we stopped at Cap Blanc in Tunisia and looked down the vast African continent in the vain hope of catching a glimpse of the other end at Cape Agulhus. Another major milestone is the equator - Jambo Africa.
Thompson's Falls at Nyahururu just 120km North of Nairobi. There is a hotel and a campsite for overnight stays. It was very quiet during our visit, we met an Australian couple who were a little stuck due to taxi (Matatu) strikes so we gave them a lift. Thompsons Falls
Lake Baringo  The Rift Valley lakes in Kenya are awesome and each one is different to the other. This is Lake Baringo where there is camping at a place called Robs Place.
Due to high levels of political unrest we decided to bugger off out of Kenya to Uganda. Climbing out of The Great Rift Valley is spectacular (though hard to photograph). Climbing out the greatest valley on earth - The Rift