Malawi and Zambia Photos 

Malawi and Zambia are together because we spent a total of four days in both of them. We were on the last stages of our journey, but what we saw of Zambia, we will definitely go back.

Lake Malawi shore line. We stayed only one night in Malawi and that was at Des's place near Chitimba in the North. Des is no longer there though so don't ask for him. Lake Malawi
More Lake Malawi Yes Yes Yes. We agree Malawi does deserve more than two photographs, both of which are rather poor and both show a boring shoreline of the the lake. We will go back one day but we were pushing south at this stage.
Our first camp site in Zambia was at the Nature Conservation Offices in Chipata. It was a great place with electrically heated showers, lights and even had a bar with cold beer. First camp site in Zambia
Politics in Zambia Talk about a liberal place, we can't agree more with the sentiments on this road sign. Zambia was a great place and we encountered none of the nightmares we were warned of. We missed all the game reserves which definitely need to be visited.
By the time you get to this great camp site just 10km South of Lusaka you are no longer surprised by the facilities available in Zambia. Lusaka is a modern city with all the take away joints a weary traveler could dream of. Camping at Lusaka
Victoria Falls - Zambia side Victoria Falls straddles the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe. The Zambia side of the falls you get to see them edge on along the gully and is well worth the visit. In Zimbabwe you are faced with the full falls head on.
Here's Renee at the top of the falls on the Zambia side. Not too wet on this side so you don't need raincoats. Renee in Zambia at Vic Falls