Namibia Photos

Namibia, what a wonderful country. You will not get a better place to photograph the  desert. The colours are fantastic, the animals are fantastic, sorry it's just ALL fantastic. Maybe we are biased but - man it's good.

The three muskateers Arrival in Windhoek to be greeted by Family, Renee's to be exact. We stayed with cousin Yvonne for a few days. These three would not leave the truck alone - Jason, Miles, and David.
What a great place to travel in. This is the pass over the Gamsberg on the edge of the Namib desert. Hardly anyone around, roads not too bad, clean air and blue skies. The Gamsberg pass
Renee on the farm  Here's Renee wandering around her Uncle's farm. This is on the border of the Namib nature park just South of Solitaire.
Don't let anyone tell you different. Namibia IS big sky country. Blue as blue can be. Big Sky Country
Natures castles  

This is Renee and her uncle David in an old Landrover under a camel thorn tree. The weaver birds love these trees and build huge social nests in them.



Renee's Uncle passed away just a few months after this visit. I am sure he's still watching over this land he loved so much.

Nothing like a good view point to see where the animals are. This farm has a large game fence and keeps wild animals such as Springbok, Eland, Gemsbok and the occasional Leopard. Watching out over the land
Oh Boy There is nothing to do but look around and wonder. This farm has some truly great places to go and visit. This is us on the way up a kloof where the Leopards are found.
I had left the house to photograph the sunset over the mountains. The colours in Namibia change so dramatically at this time of day. Give me a call and I'll show you on the projector one day. This is me just hanging around. Self Portrait