South Africa Photos

Oh boy! Is this place we were aiming for all along. Really hard to believe. What struck us most was the traffic. Bloody hell, after being the only ones with a car let alone the only ones on the road we felt a little overwhelmed.

Oops. Need more juice Even though South Africa is a country with road side petrol stations that rival 5 star holiday resorts we still had to stop to fill up from our reserve. We did this so many times.


Namaqualand in spring. The fields are a riot of colours. We arrived early in the season but many people travel here to see these wild flowers.


Where's that? Can you remember us seeing the sign that said two thousand kilometers to Cairo. Seems forever ago. Well at least Cape Town is just down the road in this case.
And there it is. This is the Victoria and Alfred waterfront. A up-market entertainment and living area. Too many restaurants and bars to take a pick from. Cape Town is said to be South Africa's most beautiful city. Cape Town Harbour
Sailing along We took a sunset cruise in the bay on a sailing ship to celebrate our safe passage. A lot of fun and as much champagne as you can drink, which is not much really when the ship is going up and down. It's nice to look over the city in the evening from the bay.
It's true, this is the Southern most town in the whole of Africa. We had made it from Cap Blanc in the North to L'Agulhas in the South. Great hey? This far and no further
Cape Aghulus The sign says "You are now at the Southern most tip of the continent of Africa" which in actual fact you are. This is also where the Indian and Atlantic Oceans meet. 
Hey! What on earth are you doing? We still have 1 500km to go! Who cares we made it. Renee just can't get enough champagne this time. Drink up
YAHOO!!!! Much to the confusion of the locals we danced for joy and sprayed bubbly stuff all over ourselves and the car. They of course only had to drive a few kilometers to get here. We had done 25 000 km by this time.

Robin, our trip webmaster and good friend, and Betsy, Renee's Mom, met us on our arrival in Johannesburg. 


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