Tanzania Photos

The land of the big game parks, Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, and big mountains, Kilimanjaro, Mt Meru and the exotic spice islands of Zanzibar. A good place for photos of all the animals and a nice place to visit too. (There are 14 pictures here - please be patient)

Sunset over Lake Victoria First night in Tanzania after a short, but hard drive from Mwanza. The owners of this place only allow the overland companies to camp so we stayed in one of their fixed tents.
The great Serengeti National Park is a true wonder. It's size means that you don't have to go far to get away from the tourist spots and you get to see all the animals you could ever dream of. This male Elephant was just protecting his family, a very small calf and mother. Renee was driving and couldn't see what was coming, hence Scott shouting "Go, Go, Go!!!!!" while hanging out of the window, finger firmly on the shutter release. Elephant Incoming! Drive, Drive Drive !!!!!!!!!
The long and the tall of it all. Giraffes are the best animals to watch, the way they walk and stretch even higher to get to the juicy leaves. The Serengeti is full of them.
This is one animal that is hard to see because they seem to be quite shy. This cheetah was eyeing us for awhile and then slowly followed us just at the edge of the track. Cheetah in the bush
Kitchen set up. Our first night in the Serengeti was all alone up at the Lobo camp site in tne North. It was great, the second night was at Seronera where there are loads of people. This picture shows Renee in our "kitchen" at one of four or five camp sites at Seronera.
Just next to the Serengeti is the famous Ngorongoro crater. This place is carpeted with animals and it's hard to decide what to photograph. This is just a small group of Gnus (Blue Wildebeest) at a waterhole. The ducks in front are less wild. Blue Wildebeest
Ohhh Ma! look at alll the rare white Toyotas Of course there are other animals in the crater. This is a gathering place for picnickers. Note the Kite to the top right of the pictures. These birds are now scavengers here and will even take food out of an unsuspecting hand.
From the East of Tanzania all the way West to Dar Es Salaam. We did pass by the big mountains but could not see them as it was cloudy. This is a great camp site at Dar, the owners (Australians) allow you to leave your vehicle here while you visit Zanzibar. Nice place too. Palm trees on the Indian Ocean
Stone Town The capital of Zanzibar is Stone Town. The contrast of styles from the mainland to this island is clearly noticeable. It is a mixture of Europen, and Moorish architecture just like somewhere else I know - Oh Yes - Spain.
See what I mean, this alleyway could be any village in Andalucia. It really made us feel like we had come home. Of course once you start listening to people you know you are in Zanzibar - The land of spices. Stonetown alleys
Spices A good days tour is of the Spice Plantations. You are after all on the spice Islands. The range is astounding, this table was at the roadside and they sold everything they cultivated from the fields around them. Oh, by the way, there is no easy way to get your own car to the islands so you will have to take a tour guide with a car of his own.
Being an island in the warm Indian Ocean you expect that most food comes from the sea. Well it does, just one dollar and you can feast on all of these delights. Seafood galore
Dhows The calm waters have many vessels plying them. This is a Dhow which are still handmade in Zanzibar. 
There are many hotels in Stone Town and all over the island. We stayed right on the beach at the Tembo Hotel and had a great time, swam in the sea, ate very well, had a room with a four poster bed, a real change from three months on the road. Beaches