Zimbabwe and Botswana Photos

Botswana Flag We only visited Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe and spent just a few days there. In Botswana we were going to pass through to the Caprivi Strip but unrest and fighting in the area made the authorities close it to travelers. So we just passed quickly below the swamps. Zimbabwe Flag

Flight of Angles The "Flight of the Angels" is a one hour flight over the falls and over the surrounding Game Reserve. It's really great, we saw many animals and of course the falls from a new perspective.
As you approach the falls from the air you realize just how big they really are. As you can see there is not much water going over them but this is the end of the dry season. It is actually quite a good time to see them, if there is too much water all you see from the air is the smoke. Or so we were told. Victoria Falls from the air.
More water from the air. Another picture of the falls from the air. You can also do this in helicopters and microlights, both of which get you lower down, but then you don't get to follow the elephants in the plane as we did.
The Zambezi river at sunset, what a great sight. River boat cruises, sundowners, nothing but the crocs, hippos and elephants to disturb the peace. Sunset on the Zambezi
Beware of the Elephants Botswana has some interesting traffic warning signs. We saw quite a few odd ones on our way down from camels, warthogs and many types of cow.
And oddly enough the warnings are valid. Botswana must be the only country left where elephants roam freely and not only in game parks. Well done Botswana And there it goes!
And now what? Oh, just in case you weren't sure what a warthog is here a picture of one. These look like radio controlled toys with their tails up in the air when they run along.