Dog sled tour was done through TAVADAK Husky Safaris who can be contacted on 

PPA 2 Tormanen

99800 Ivalo


Renee likened snow mobiling to jet skiing and dog sledding to sailing. She's right. Lying back on the sled a bare 10cm above the snow with the runners whispering along is like sailing. It's quiet! 

The proximity to the snow - and the dogs - makes it a very unique experience. We had a sled and team to ourselves so we had another of those in depth lessons Finland is famous for eg: Get on, Stand here, NEVER let go of here, Push REALLY hard here to slow down, and JUMP on this thing to stop and follow us (said the guides).  Quite simple really.

It is very nerve wracking if you have never done it before. It's amazing how strong six, rather small, dogs can be. An once you open the gate to their yard, they're off like a shot.

We went for a days ride which included lunch and a stop in the snow for some drinks. The lunch is done Suami style and is very good. Once again you get issued a polar suit, thick socks and boots, heavy blankets for the sled rider, and gloves. Well equipped you can say that. We were also picked up at our hotel and driven a few kilometers out of town to the home of the owner. Price was 126 Euros per person.


The dogs are really magnificent animals though they are smaller than you imagine. They are  Siberian Huskies and a team if six comfortably pull a sled with two people.
Renee drives the empty sled back into the paddock.
All set up an raring to go. Once they are off there is no stopping them.
Passengers eye view of the ride. It's very quiet and closer to the snow. When you stop the dogs turn around and bark at you as if to say "are you nuts. Why have we stopped?"
Into the Suami tents for lunch. Looks very much like North America Indian Teepee's.
Once inside you warm up again and get something hot to drink. We ate Reindeer steak and fish. Really good. 
Mother and Daughter leads this team. Snow white dogs who could disappear into the snow right before your eyes.

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