We traveled from South Africa to Helsinki via Zurich on Swiss Air. Once we arrived in Helsinki we made travel arrangements for the rest of our journey. Finland is easy to get around with trains going North to Roveniemi and then Busses going wherever you like. We traveled at the start of Spring, which is out of tourist season, but there were enough busses for us to use when we wanted to. The only difficulty, which stumped us, was getting to the North Cape, which you had to do by Snowmobile.

Here is a map of our journey through Finland and Norway showing our mode of transport too. From Helsinki to Roveniemi we took the overnight train and from Roveniemi we took a bus to Ivalo which took about 6 hours. From Ivalo we took the bus to Hammerfest which took one full day, we then took a four day boat ride to Trondheim, and from their the train for about 6 hours to Oslo.

Map of Finland

Map of Denmark

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