Snowmobile tour was conducted by Ivalo Adventures and our guide was Erkki Halmetoja. Erkki can be contacted on



Never ridden a snowmobile before? Don't worry Erkki will show you how. It's easy anyway - get on, push this thing to go, pull that thing to stop, steer with this thing. Sound OK. Well that's the lesson we got from Erikki before heading out onto the lake. Yep lake, it's 70cm of ice with about 50cm of snow on top so now it's the snowmobile highway complete with traffic signs etc.

As a tourist you have to stay on the marked trails if you go on your own, but if you go with a guide it's a wonderful free for all. Renee giggled herself silly while doing over 100km per hour in deep powder snow. It really is great fun. 

Price was 160 Euros per person which included a snowmobile per rider, full artic suit for the day, lunch and drinks (non alcoholic), guide, and insurances. It was a full days outing which included a trip to the Sami museum in Siida, a long ride across the lake to some refuge huts for an outside fire and coffee, and some amazing views.

You can also do week long adventures to the artic sea and back. That's what we'll do next time!


Fresh tracks in the deep snow. Actually makes good paths to walk on too!

A great stop during the afternoon at the refuge hut. Erkki made a fire and boiled some water for some tea. It was pretty cold on the  snowmobiles even though the handle bars and foot rests were heated so tea was very welcome.

Erkki likes to fish and has some nets under the ice. The ice is about 70cm thick. He digs open a small hole and keeps it relatively ice free (only about 10cm) by placing a cooler box over the hole.

Renee in her polar suit. Still gets pretty cold though, especially the face. Scott had icicles hanging off his moustache.

Renee giggling her way over the snow. What a way to spend the day!!!!!

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