Riding Out to Bhaktapur


We hired bikes in Kathmandu and took them all over. We also headed out on an overnight trip to the rim of the Kathmandu Valley.

Somehow we seemed to spend a lot of our biking time with maps out, asking directions!



We were heading to a placed called Bhaktapur which promised good early morning views of the Himalayas.

The first part of the ride was great - meandering along the valley. Of course climbing out of the valley was not that much fun.

We rode through lots of these little settlements and at each one were chased by young boys. Quite embarrassing that was - when the hills got really steep they could run faster than I could ride!



I seem to remember doing a lot of this too!
It was worth it though, the views were stunning, never mind the mountains, the valley itself is worth seeing.



I didn't think that we had ridden that far.

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