This is a list of our gear we each had.

100 weight Polartec fleece (base layer) Super Down sleeping bags rated to -20 Degrees C
100 weight Polartec long pants  (base layer) Sleeping bag inners
200 weight Polartec fleece Sleeping bag waterproof outers
200 weight Polartec WindBloc fleece Underwear (of course)
Two layer Gore Tex outer shell jackets Socks (of course)
Waterproof long pants Ski glasses with high UV rating
Scarfs Cotton long pants
Fleece gloves T-Shirts and sweat shirts
Waterproof outer Thermoline ski Gloves Boots
Fleece hats Training shoes for lazing around camp.
Head torches General first aid kit including Diamox
Personal toiletries

Wild frontiers provided all gear required to camp and cook as well as eating utensils.

© Copyright Scott Smith and Renée Pattle

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