KILIMANJARO, or Kili as it is called by visitors and locals alike, appears out of the clouds like a ghost. Looking up at the mountain from the town of Moshi, where our hotel was, leaves you with a sense of awe. It is after all still five kilometers to go straight up before you can stand on the peak and look down on Moshi. Five kilometers! Can you even think of how much further up that is. We left South Africa feeling well prepared and reached the summit on the 19th October 2000. It was great, hopefully these pages give you a feeling of what it's like from the comfort of your own browser.


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Got to be fit - or it will be hell

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Go light and go warm

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The way to the top

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Renée's Diary

Here is what Renée thought

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Scott's Diary

The thoughts of Scott

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Pictorial journey

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