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Heading up the hill on the morning of Day 2.
It's amazing how the mountain changes, from rainforest the day before to this only a few hundred metres higher.

Francis, our guide. This was a wonderful rest stop, a bit of a scramble off the main path but with great views of the summit.
In fact, this is the view!

With  most of the trail being uphill all the time, everybody used the same flat spots for lunch. The blue spot on the left is our table. 
Scott enjoying his lunch. Notice that we have now even left the trees behind.
Camping on the Shira Plateau.
I always thought of Kilimanjaro as a single peak but this view across the Shira plateau shows that it is a lot more than that. 
Our tent at Shira. What luxury to get to your camp site to find your tent pitched and waiting for you.

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