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Day 6

Heading off from Shira. The mornings are starting to get quite cool.
Definitely our most desolate lunch spot to date. It started raining soon after this.

As we headed up to Lava Tower, the rain turned into sleet and snow.
And this is it, the famous Lava Tower. It was cold, wet and windy up there but fortunately the group doing the Arrow Glacier route offered us some tea before we set off again.

After leaving Lava Tower it was back downhill - not only into to the rain but also back into plant life. Amazing.
Great picture this. Camping at the base of the Barranco Wall.
The wall itself, next morning begins with a climb up this.
It was getting progressively colder so we ate inside our dining tent for the first time.
Getting ready for a good night's sleep!
It was a cold night, notice the frost on and around the tent.

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