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Well, this is it - proof that we made it all the way to the top of Africa!!
Also proof that we made it at sunrise and what a sunrise it was.

It's kind of strange seeing the sun rise over a glacier knowing that you are so close to the equator.
We weren't the only ones capturing that incredible sunrise on film.

The glaciers are truly awesome.
Here you are looking into the crater of the volcano. 
Another shot of the glacier with a patch of clear ice at the bottom.
And the long road down. I am very pleased that I came up this in the dark so that I didn't have to see how steep it was. 
Back at base camp for some food and a short nap before heading down to our final camp site.
Another  one of our porters. We had a crew of six for just the two of us, can you believe it.
Heading down and not having too much fun either!
Once again, the change in scenery in the space of little more than an hour amazes me.
Look how far we came down in just one day. Tomorrow marks the end of the adventure with a short, 3 hour hike back to the park gate.

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